An Introduction to PhilTV

Friday, January 20, 2017

An Introduction to PhilTV

PhilTV is a new section of our website, that showcases PNY’s upcoming, live and recorded programs on video. Our communications team started up this project with the idea that we could further advance our goal of telling the stories of the philanthropic sector through the powerful medium of moving images.

PhilTV will shine a spotlight on:

  • Foundation's Voices - video produced or funded by foundations.
  • Caught Our Attention - videos from pop culture that are going viral and have the potential to make real positive change in communities.
  • PHIL Talks -  produced by Philanthropy New York at our annual meeting
  • “After the Q&A” - members who have attended programs have a chance to reflect on what they just heard.
  • PhilTV This Week - a short three-minute video recap of the top philanthropy news stories of the week. It will appear every Friday in the New York PhilanthroPost, on the PhilTV page, on our YouTube channel and on all of our other social media.
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