Goldman Givers: Seven Things To Know About Donors from Goldman Sachs

Monday, August 14, 2017

Goldman Givers: Seven Things To Know About Donors from Goldman Sachs

Recently, we offered an overview of things to know about donors who hail from the finance world. We've profiled more than 100 of these donors, now, and are discovering new ones all the time. After many years of boom times on Wall Street (and a few notable busts!), it's not surprising that so much surplus wealth has accumulated in the hands of finance winners. And it's good to see a corresponding rise in philanthropy. Moreso even than tech, finance is producing the largest number of new major donors these days. And we've been identifying the common threads and themes among these donors.

In recent months, we've stumbled upon quite a few funders who made their fortunes by rising to the top of a particular firm synonymous with Wall Street for nearly 150 years—Goldman Sachs. To be fair, the firm is associated with other things depending on who you ask—especially if you've been "Feeling the Bern" this election season. Regardless of how you feel about Goldman, though, understanding this particular subset of Wall Street donors might be useful for fundraisers. For instance, while New York anti-poverty giant the Robin Hood Foundation is a favorite of Wall Streeters, it appears to be more highly favored by private equity and hedge funders, rather than Goldman folks. And that's only one nuance we uncovered. . .

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