Giving Back: 4 Ways Your Company Can Do Good

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Giving Back: 4 Ways Your Company Can Do Good

Today's consumers, particularly millennials, are looking for more than just a product from the brands they support. They also want social responsibility and corporate accountability. For many companies, this is changing how they market their products to younger generations. But don't stop at marketing. Here are four ways your company can do good while growing and reaching new customers.

Offer local sponsorships

If you visit the Virginia Discovery Museum, you'll find an interactive exhibit where kids can learn about their community. It features stations like a theater, post office, hospital and firehouse. There's also a Panera station, because Panera sponsored the exhibit. Its donation allowed the museum to expand, benefited the community and exposed every family who visits to the Panera brand.

Your business might not have the cash flow to support an entire museum expansion, but you can still take advantage of smaller sponsorship opportunities in your area. From sports teams to theater clubs to youth choirs, local groups are often looking for businesses to pay for some of their costs in exchange for branded uniforms or program ads. You'll get a little extra exposure, and local programs will get the support they need.

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