'Docu-Ad’ Exposes Hardship of Those Without Bank Access

Tuesday, June 3, 2014
'Docu-Ad’ Exposes Hardship of Those Without Bank Access
A new commercial  from American Express, presented like an investigative nonfiction film, exposes the high costs of living outside the traditional financial system.
Styled and presented like a documentary that might be part of the “Frontline” series on PBS or a segment of “60 Minutes,” “Spent: Looking for Change,” runs almost 40 minutes and can be watched free online: on the YouTube channels of American Express and a digital news show, the Young Turks; on hulu.com; and on a special website, spentmovie.com. 
“Our financial system is leaving nearly 70 million Americans behind,” a promotional ad for “Spent” declares. “It’s time for a change.”
By commissioning “Spent,” American Express hopes to build a coalition for solving the problems of people forced to use nontraditional financial services. “Making the system work better is within our reach,” title cards assert at the end, adding: “Share this film. Lend your voice. Start the conversation.”...
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