The Charles H. Revson Foundation Awards $3.3 Million in Grants to Ten Recipients

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

The Charles H. Revson Foundation Awards $3.3 Million in Grants to Ten Recipients

Grants were distributed within the Program Areas of “Education,” “Jewish Life,” and “Urban Affairs” program areas.

The Education Program seeks to expand New Yorkers’ access to knowledge and resources capable of sustaining an informed citizenry. This grant cycle, the program provided funding to support nonpartisan election reform in New York, initiatives to address New York’s lifeguard shortage, a fellowship for CUNY undergraduates, and high-quality local reporting on housing and homelessness.

The Jewish Life Program works to improve social and economic outcomes for communities in Israel and North America by building capacity in under-resourced fields, like civic service and urban planning in Israel and Jewish chaplaincy in North America. This cycle, the program provided grants to expand professional opportunities for Arabs in Israel, develop urban planning capacity in Arab municipalities in Israel, and strengthen Jewish Chaplaincy in the United States.

Finally, the Urban Affairs Program partners with civic and cultural institutions, local government, and independent nonprofits to strengthen New York City’s communities and civic spaces. This cycle, the program provided grants to support local news, including reporting on immigrant communities and improve parks and open spaces in New York City.

See the full list of grants awarded in November 2022 below: 


City College of the City University of New York—The New York City Leaders Fellows Program—$150,000— To establish the New York City Leaders Fellows program, a fellowship to prepare the next generation of NYC public service leaders, at the Colin Powell School of Civic and Global Leadership.

YMCA of Greater New York—Addressing NYC’s Lifeguard Shortage—$200,000— To create a citywide task force to address the NYC lifeguard shortage and to expand lifeguard certifications for 2023.

Brennan Center for Justice—Election Reform in New York—$450,000— To support election reform efforts in New York.

City Limits News, Inc.— City Limits Reporting on Housing and Homelessness in New York City— $120,000— To support City Limits’ local reporting on housing and homelessness.

Jewish Life

American Friends of the Hebrew University— Pipeline for Arab Professionals in Urban Planning and Community Development— $1,250,000—To increase the pipeline of Arab professionals in urban planning and community development through scholarships and opportunities for professional enrichment at the Urban Planning Clinic for students at Hebrew University and Ben Gurion University

The Arab Center for Alternative Planning (ACAP)— Initiative to Mentor and Train Cadets in Arab Local Authorities— $315,000— To support ACAP’s work to improve urban planning capacity in Arab municipalities through mentoring and training of Rothschild Cadets for Local Government.

Brandeis University— Strengthening Jewish Chaplaincy: Demonstration Projects Based on Demand—$300,000— To support the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab’s work expanding the settings

where Jewish chaplains work and to strengthen Jewish chaplaincy as a central form of Jewish leadership through a demonstration grant fund and convenings of chaplaincy educators.

Urban Affairs

Documented—$200,000— To support Documented’s reporting on New York City’s immigrant communities and the policies that affect them.

ProPublica— ProPublica Local Reporting Network Partnership with THE CITY—$175,000— To support ProPublica’s Local Reporting Network partnership with THE CITY.

City Parks Foundation— NYC Green Fund & POSP Network—$200,000— To expand the NYC Green Fund and strengthen the Parks and Open Space Partners Coalition.

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