Century Foundation Releases New Report: “14 Progressive Priorities for the New Congress”

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Century Foundation Releases New Report: 14 Progressive Priorities for the New Congress

When the 116th Congress is seated, it presents a new opportunity for the country to tackle some of the nation’s most pressing public policy challenges, from unprecedented levels of income and wealth inequality, to rising racial segregation in our school system, to the tens of millions of Americans who still lack quality health care.

TCF has outlined over a dozen decisive actions Congress should take in the new Congress. The policies aim to make college more affordable, improve educational outcomes by diversifying K–12 classrooms, and protect vulnerable students from predatory for-profit schools. They would help expand Medicaid and ensure every American has access to affordable health insurance. They would strengthen working families through better child care support, reduced housing costs, and guaranteed paid leave to parents. They would help rebalance the scales for labor, increasing wages and benefits for care workers, safeguarding the right to organize, and protecting employees whose jobs are at risk of displacement due to automation. And they would preserve the integrity of the Census, maintaining its accuracy and recognizing its importance for the equitable distribution of government resources...

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