Century Foundation Launches New Public Policy Pop Up Think Tank - Next 100

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Century Foundation Launches New Public Policy Pop Up Think Tank - Next 100

Today’s young people are the most diverse, engaged, and progressive generation in history. Whether organizing online, protesting in the streets, or running for office, they are joining together and demanding change on the issues most central to their lives and our collective future, from immigration to racial justice to education to climate change.

That’s where Next100 comes in. Next100 is a pop-up think tank built for a new brand of policy leaders, working on the issues that matter most to the next generation. And you’re invited to be a part of it.

As one of six founding Next100 Policy Entrepreneurs, you’ll work in our New York City office for two years. You’ll have a full-time job, with full benefits. We’ll provide mentoring, professional support, opportunities for travel and networking, and policy training to help you drive your personal policy passion.

Whether you’re a DACA recipient who’s been working as an advocate, a policy wonk with some research experience under your belt, a recent college grad fresh off organizing on a campaign, an activist who completed high school from inside a juvenile detention center, or a high school teacher with ideas about how to make education better for everyone, we want you to be part of not just developing policy ideas, but also translating those ideas into action...

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