Capital One Seeks Innovative Programs to Increase Digital Proficiency

Monday, October 6, 2014
Capital One Seeks Innovative Programs to Increase Digital Proficiency 
As our world rapidly changes with the introduction of new technological solutions communities, nonprofit organizations, and individuals need to be equipped with the resources, knowledge and tools to change at the same pace.  Without access to, grounding in, or funding to leverage this new “digital” world, community-based organizations risk missing out on the most innovative approaches to solving  social problems, and individuals risk falling behind in terms of the basic skills required for success in their everyday lives.  This challenge is most profound in our workforce, as “out of over 200 million adults in the U.S. workforce, only 10 percent consider themselves very proficient with the digital tools they use daily," Jeff Fernandez, Grovo Learning, Inc. 
To help build these proficiencies, Capital One developed the dFUND which will invest in innovative programs that help individuals, families and organizations succeed in a digital economy.  The dFUND is a catalyst to propel non-profits working in Capital One markets to further the ideation and development of this change for individuals and organizations in their communities....
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