Bloomberg Says His Work Is About "Saving Lives"

Monday, July 14, 2014
Bloomberg Says His Work Is About "Saving Lives"
In an interview with Rolling Stone, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says that the work he and Bloomberg Philanthropies are doing is about "trying to save lives."
Adds Bloomberg: "Particularly, I want the foundation to focus on things that other people aren't focusing on. So we took on smoking. We're working on obesity. Polio, [Bill] Gates is really the spearhead, but we've given him a lot of money. Malaria, building a better mosquito. Traffic deaths. Maternal health in Tanzania."
He also said his campaign against the NRA gun lobby is part of that effort, adding "12,000 people get killed with handguns every single year; 19,000 people commit suicide with handguns. And we're the only country with this problem."...
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