Bloomberg Philanthropies Publishes Results of Largest Survey of American Mayors

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Bloomberg Philanthropies Publishes Results of Largest Survey of American Mayors

Bloomberg Philanthropies today released the results of its 2018 American Mayors Survey, the largest and most comprehensive survey of mayors to date. The survey reveals that America's mayors increasingly feel on the hook for addressing major policy and funding issues – from infrastructure to immigration – that were once under the purview of federal or state governments. At the same time, more mayors say that their relationship with the new administration has gotten worse over the past year. The research also provides a deep examination of how local leaders are responding to climate change and the opioid epidemic as well as the degree to which mayors rely on experimentation, partnership, and citizen engagement as central strategies to improve their community.

The 2018 American Mayors Survey builds on existing research and reveals the issues and challenges that are top-of-mind for local leaders in the U.S. It is the first to include small cities (30,000-plus residents) alongside larger metropolises. Mayors of 156 cities and from all regions of the country participated.

The survey is part of Michael R. Bloomberg's American Cities Initiative, a program designed to empower city leaders to generate new ideas and advance policy that moves the nation forward. The findings will help promote bold leadership in America's cities, advance critical policies and legislation, and empower citizens to solve urban problems...

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