Bloomberg Launches Corporate and Philanthropic Effort to Support Successful Climate Progress at COP26

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Bloomberg Launches Corporate and Philanthropic Effort to Support Successful Climate Progress at COP26

London, UK and New York, NY –Today, Michael R. Bloomberg, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy on Climate Ambition and Solutions and founder of Bloomberg L.P. and Bloomberg Philanthropies, announced commitments and initiatives aimed at delivering on UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ call for ambitious action ahead of this year’s UN Climate Change Conference (COP26). Designed to catalyze additional climate actions from public, private, and civil society actors around the world, Bloomberg L.P. and Bloomberg Philanthropies will unveil dozens of climate and environment focused investments, partnerships, capacity-building, and educational efforts over the next eight weeks in the lead up to November.

In addition to these new initiatives, Bloomberg Philanthropies is committing $10.5 million to strengthen climate capacity across the UN and promote climate ambition and solutions ahead of COP26.

Bloomberg L.P., the global business and financial information and news leader, will also support the UK Presidency by becoming an official partner of COP26, and provide decision-makers with access to unparalleled data, insights, and expert analysis drawn from across Bloomberg’s global network.

“The latest science has made clear that we need to accelerate our efforts in the global fight against climate change, and this year’s climate conference in Glasgow is a vital opportunity to do just that. We must do more, together, to curb emissions – and at Bloomberg, we’re glad to partner with COP26 and support the UN’s critical work on this issue,” said Michael R. Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg L.P. and Bloomberg Philanthropies and the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Climate Ambition and Solutions. “Across both Bloomberg L.P. and Bloomberg Philanthropies, we’re working to advance the transition to clean energy, rallying local climate action, and mobilizing businesses and financial institutions. In each area, we’re drawing on data and strong partnerships to build a healthier and more sustainable future.”

“I am delighted to welcome Bloomberg L.P. to the COP26 family as a Partner for the UN climate conference taking place in Glasgow,” said COP26 President-Designate Alok Sharma. “Tackling climate change is one of the greatest and most urgent challenges we face, and Bloomberg continues to show climate leadership. I look forward to working with them to deliver a successful and inclusive summit.”

Bloomberg L.P. and Bloomberg Philanthropies will host a series of sponsored events, installations, and engagement programs in Glasgow and London. These platforms aim to accelerate the clean energy transition, inspire local climate action, and put greater emphasis on mobilizing climate finance.

Mike Bloomberg will also be the convener of business leaders to discuss the challenges faced by the private sector, as well as data, research, and solutions needed to collectively achieve net-zero targets. These sessions will be centered around climate risk, transition planning, capital mobilization and low carbon portfolio alignment.

“Success at COP26 is absolutely critical for the world to get back on track with respect to the 1.5C climate goal under the Paris Agreement,” said Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of UN Climate Change. “Global leaders will face a significant agenda in Glasgow, but billions look to them to make the bold and courageous decisions necessary to finally implement the Paris Agreement, significantly boost climate ambition and ultimately get humanity off its current path of destruction. This support is both welcome and crucial for building capacity towards and ensuring success at COP26.”

“Working alongside Mr. Bloomberg on the Race to Zero and Race to Resilience campaigns, I have seen firsthand the dedication and results-driven approach that makes him a leader in the global climate fight,” said Nigel Topping, UK High Level Climate Champion for COP26. “This new series of commitments comes at an important juncture in the leadup to COP26, and each of its extensive components will help to accelerate our work to create a more resilient and equitable future.”

“Mr. Bloomberg’s leadership has been critical in mobilizing leaders at all levels of society toward net-zero, and he continues to increase ambition within his own organizations,” said Gonzalo Muñoz, Chilean High Level Climate Champion for COP26. “I applaud Mr. Bloomberg for raising the bar for climate action with these new collaborative initiatives and unparalleled access to data and analysis around the COP26 negotiations.”

Inspiring Local Action

Six years after co-hosting the Climate Summit for Local Leaders at the COP21 Paris summit, where the Paris Agreement was adopted, Mike Bloomberg will bring together influential change makers and leaders from across government, business, technology, media, and the arts at the historic Glasgow City Chambers with the goal of promoting collaboration, creative solutions, and changes to overcome barriers to ambitious climate action...