ASPCA Assists in Removing More Than 600 Birds from Ohio Hoarding Case

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

ASPCA Assists in Removing More Than 600 Birds from Ohio Hoarding Case

At the request of Columbus Humane, the ASPCA is assisting in the removal of more than 600 birds from an overcrowded, 1,000 square-foot home in Columbus, Ohio, where a search warrant was executed for the removal of animals from the property. 

A variety of bird species, including parakeets, cockatiels, finches, and large exotic parrots were found living in overcrowded conditions, some with medical issues, missing feathers, and experiencing a lack of adequate husbandry.

The seizure is the result of a public complaint concerning living conditions and reports of animal neglect at the property.

In addition to working alongside Columbus Humane to remove the birds, the ASPCA is assisting with evidence collection, subject matter expertise, and in transporting the animals to a temporary shelter at an undisclosed location. There, Columbus Humane will conduct medical assessments and veterinary forensic exams, and provide ongoing care for the animals.

“Upon arriving at the home, it was clear an intervention was needed to remove these birds from the property and provide them with the quality of life they deserve,” said Jessica Rushin, Senior Manager for ASPCA Field Investigations and Response. “The ASPCA is pleased to be able to provide resources and assist Columbus Humane with their lifesaving efforts. Our immediate goal is to relocate the birds to a temporary shelter where Columbus Humane’s avian experts can evaluate the condition of each bird to ensure they receive the care they need.”

The birds will be cared for at the temporary shelter by Columbus Humane until custody is determined by the court. The ASPCA and Columbus Humane are working closely with local prosecutors to ensure the best outcome for these animals...

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