Arcus to Unveil Social Justice Request for Concepts on Dec. 3

Monday, November 5, 2018

Arcus to Unveil Social Justice Request for Concepts on Dec. 3

Mounting pressures and threats have forced activists and funders alike to rethink how we work together more effectively. Like most in social justice philanthropy, we at Arcus have spent time to reassess and improve our capability to deliver support to grantee partners on the frontlines. This year, staff across the foundation have prepared for a new grantmaking process that aligns with our updated Social Justice Strategy announced earlier in the year.

On December 3, we will unveil a Request for Concepts, a streamlined application for international and U.S.-based organizations to submit a concept to support LGBTQ social justice work. We wanted to share some information in advance to prepare prospective applicants for this new process.

The shift from a rolling application process to an open call for concepts was driven by grantee feedback and by our commitment to improving access to our funding, not only for current and past grantees but also for groups that have had no previous connection with Arcus. We believe this new process will provide greater clarity and transparency about Arcus’ strategy and grantmaking decisions and result in more focused and long-term funding and collaboration.

Through this process, we aim to identify a group of long-term grantees who can contribute to advancing our shared goals and are willing to participate in informal and ongoing coordination with other grantees supported by Arcus...


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