Arcus Foundation announces social justice and ape conservation grants

Sunday, July 2, 2023

Arcus Foundation announces social justice and ape conservation grants

The Arcus Foundation has announced new grants through its Great Apes & Gibbons program and Social Justice program.

The latest grants from the Great Apes & Gibbons program will fund organizations working to protect apes using interconnected conservation strategies such as supporting “forgotten apes” like Gibbons, understanding ape culture to improve conservation, supporting strategic collaborations to strengthen conservation movements, and addressing threats to ape habitats. Grants include $22,000 to the Gibbon Conservation Society for the Borneo Gibbon Rehabilitation Project to promote the welfare of captive gibbons; $1 million over three years to Greenpeace to protect critical ape habitats in the Congo Basin and Indonesia; and $100,000 to Humane Society International to provide long-term care for a group of more than 60 chimpanzees at Second Chance Chimpanzee Refuge Liberia.

The Social Justice program awarded grants to organizations working to ensure that LGBTQ and allied movements have the resources needed to keep their communities safe from violence, fight against harmful policies, promote protections, and advocate for acceptance. Recipients include Funders for LGBTQ Issues, which was awarded $450,000 for research, information dissemination, and collaboration among foundations supporting LGBTQ issues in the United States; Justice Work, which will receive $100,000 for the National LGBTQ+ Women’s Community Survey; and Proteus Fund, which was awarded $400,000 for the Rights, Faith and Democracy Collaborative.

For a complete list of recipients, see the Arcus Foundation website.

"Conservation of all ape species and respect for their cultural practices." Arcus Foundation press release 06/21/2023.

"Advancing legal protections and societal acceptance in the face of extreme anti-LGBTQ opposition." Arcus Foundation press release 06/21/2023.

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