Arabella Advisors Advocates for 12 Good Food Policy Priorities

Thursday, December 10, 2015
Arabella Advisors Advocates for 12 Good Food Policy Priorities
Arabella’s Good Food practice published its list of 12 Good Food Policy Priorities, in connection with an event for funders who care about Good Food policy: the Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Funders’ 2nd Annual Policy Briefing.
The list was developed in collaboration with Arabella’s two newest senior associates—Melody Barnes, former director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, and Marland Buckner, founder and CEO of ForeverView Farms. They bring deep policy expertise as well as first-hand experience as Good Food entrepreneurs. 
“All of us believe that a policy environment that better supports Good Food is both possible and essential. A better policy environment can produce Good Food jobs, spur needed innovation and remove barriers to business expansion in our food system, increase access to Good Food in communities across America, and help make our food system more sustainable,” Arabella Advisors founder Eric Kessler wrote in a blog post. 
 “We created this list of Good Food Policy Priorities to help drive a discussion about building a shared, ambitious, yet realistic Good Food policy strategy—one that enables funders, investors, advocates, and other stakeholders to effectively coordinate efforts, leverage one another’s resources, and extend the impact of the food movement. 
“The forces that work counter to a Good Food system have a policy strategy, and they execute against it well. To counter their influence, we need a strategy of our own.”
Here are the 12 Good Food Policy Priorities, compiled into a simple one-page guide. (Download infographic in PDF format.)
Please share, provide feedback on, and help strengthen the guide, Kessler wrote. “We recognize that many other policy changes are needed and that much more will need to be done to realize the Good Food future we want. But we offer these priorities as a conversation starter.”
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