Andrus Family Fund's Peguro Praised in NCRP's Reflections on Resilience and Community Building

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Andrus Family Fund's Peguro Praised in NCRP's Reflections on Resilience and Community Building

“Relationships develop at the speed of trust” was an oft-repeated truism spoken at the place-based philanthropy conference Towards a More Resilient Place, co-hosted by The Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions and Neighborhood Funders Group. Yet very quickly conference speakers seemed to signal their trust of other participants by taking the conversation to a deep and personal level.

During the opening plenary on the topic of “community resilience” panelists reminded us that there’s personal hurt from injustice and that resilience is a double-edged sword. When communities suffering from decades of racism and disinvestment are described as “resilient,” it almost implies that they can keep enduring under that mantle of oppression for years more, perhaps allowing further complacency by those with the power and resources to do something about it. As one leader said, “The New Orleans community wants to be made whole, not just resilient...”


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