Andrus Family Fund Announces New Mission and Strategic Direction

Friday, October 31, 2014
Andrus Family Fund Announces New Mission and Strategic Direction
After an extensive review that included objective evaluation of their work and its impact, consulting with grantees, and through deep engagement with Board members, Andrus Family Fund is excited to announce a new mission and strategic direction. They believe this will allow them to make a greater impact in the lives of America’s most vulnerable youth.
Andrus Family Fund: Fostering Connections. Unlocking Promise.
The new approach is straightforward and laser focused:
  1. Support organizations whose work directly connects youth to the people and services they need to become self-sustaining and resilient.
  2. Commission research that helps identify what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating sustainable change in young people’s lives.
  3. Work closely with our grantees to advance and advocate for programs and policies that are proven to put youth on a path to a successful and sustainable future.
  4. Support organizations that utilize community organizing as a tool to remove barriers and create change.
Moving forward, they will begin approaching our grantmaking with this new lens. For some current grantees this will open new exciting opportunities for partnership. For others, whose work is no longer aligned with the new approach, sadly Andrus Family Fund must look to responsibly close down support.
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