New York Foster Youth Funders Group

COVID-19 Update: This working group is convening regularly to discuss philanthropic responses in the foster youth sector. Interested funders should reach out to the group contacts for additional details. 

New York Foster Youth Funders Group is a peer network of grantmakers who are funding or interested in the area of foster youth in New York. The purpose of the group is to keep our hand on the pulse of salient issues and initiatives impacting foster youth in New York, as well as share our own funding priorities.

Upcoming meetings will be posted on Philanthropy New York's calendar of events. We invite speakers who are working in the field to update us on important policies and practices. Speakers include county officials, practitioners and researchers who have their feet on the ground and can provide us with timely information that can give rise to funding and leveraging opportunities. While this is mostly a group where knowledge is being built and shared, and there is no explicit goal for collaborative funding, there are times when some funders with similar strategic goals, have collaborated on grants.

Group Contact: Jeannine Balfour, Senior Program Officer, Domestic Programs, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, Email