A New Compass

Over the last 40 years, Philanthropy New York has evolved and grown with our members. We are excited to begin this next decade with a new statement of organizational values that reflect the work we do and the community we create.
These values are our north star. They guide our decisions and actions and clarify what our members, you, can expect of us. They are rooted in our fundamental goal – to support our membership in pursuing a more equitable, sustainable and democratic society.



PNY fosters an interdependent community that respects diverse voices, contributions and participation. We are a community that learns from each other and actively contributes to one another’s learning.  We believe that our missions are best achieved by leveraging our collective strengths.
PNY believes philanthropic 
leadership is nurtured through community and in relationship with others. We break down barriers and provide pathways for individual members, member institutions, and PNY to exercise influence and become agents of change.
PNY embraces 
learning as an exploration of different perspectives, inclusive of a full range of expertise and experience. We test assumptions and challenge the sector’s conventional wisdom in order to adapt and evolve practice over time.
PNY embeds 
equity in all of our work.  We acknowledge that institutional philanthropy stems from systems rooted in inequity.  We have both the opportunity and responsibility to engage the sector’s power and privilege to dismantle these systems. 



The Board will vote to adopt these values at its March 2020 meeting. But, first, the members of the Board want to hear from you. Members are the core of our work, and we are eager to hear what you think. We have created an opportunity for you to comment on these values here.

Feel free to respond to one question or all four!

We are grateful for your trust and partnership as we work together to use the powerful tool of philanthropy with care and responsibility to serve its highest purpose: to make society a better place for all.