Justice Reform Sector Resources

June, 2014
A study from the Urban Institute examines social-impact bonds, an emerging and controversial way to finance programs run by nonprofits and government.
February, 2014
This report, funded in part by several New York Juvenile Justice Initiative member foundations, compiles research by Dr. Jeffrey Butts and Dr. John Roman. The report presents a cost-benefit analysis of raising the age of criminal responsibility and is designed to inform Governor Cuomo’s new Commission on Youth, Public Safety & Justice by examining the reasons for changing the age of criminal jurisdiction and by reviewing the implications of such a change.
January, 2014
An Update on Youth Incarceration in the United States.
January, 2014
Vera Institute of Justice launches Status Offense Reform Center
June, 2013
In state legislatures across the country, a new mentality on youth incarceration is emerging. Since 2000, when the number of kids incarcerated was at a record high, the number of detained or incarcerated youth has decreased by nearly 40 percent nationwide.