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Participatory Action Research: Involving "All the Players" in Evaluation and Change

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Participatory action research offers grantmakers a way to engage all parties in all aspects of an evaluation, from defining the problem to gathering and analyzing data to preparing recommendations. In this guide, learn about a unique evaluation method and how grantmakers used it to evaluate programs in agriculture, early childhood development, and immigration.
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Survey: Investing in Mass Transit Key to Economic Growth and Job Creation

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The Rockefeller Foundation survey findings illustrate a growing awareness among residents in four cities (where the Rockefeller Foundation is supporting efforts to build Bus Rapid Transit [BRT] systems) that investments in mass transit are key to economic growth, job creation and making cities more livable.

Moving the Needle: Exploring Key Levers to Boost College Readiness Among Black and Latino Males in NYC

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This paper is the first in an ongoing evaluation of the Expanded Success Initiative (ESI), a new citywide effort from the Open Society Foundations’ and Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Young Men’s Initiative to provide resources to 40 schools with the aim of improving college and career readiness among Black and Latino young men.

Jewish Community Study of New York: 2011 Special Report on Poverty

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According to this UJA-Federation of New York report, poverty has risen dramatically in the New York Jewish community since a previous study in 2002. More than 560,000 people in approximately 200,000 Jewish households are poor or near-poor, and 45 percent of the children in Jewish households now live in poor or near-poor households. More Jewish people are affected by poverty in the eight-county New York area than there are Jews living in other large Jewish communities such as Chicago or Washington, D.C.


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