The Power of Urgency: Advantages and Options for Limited Life Foundations

Thursday, November 14, 2013 -
11:00am to 1:30pm EST
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Throughout this year, NCFP is taking an in-depth look at transitions that occur in giving families and family foundations. This month's webinar will look at the unique issues involved in spending down a foundation’s assets. The webinar will feature the stories of the Eckerd Family Foundation, which was established as a limited life foundation from the outset, and the Irwin Sweeney Miller Foundation, whose board of third generation Miller family members made the decision to spend down the foundation more than 50 years after its founding. The webinar will also feature the advice and perspectives of Tony Proscio, a philanthropy writer and researcher who is chronicling the spend down activities of the AVI CHAI Foundation and Atlantic Philanthropies.

This conversation will provide a fascinating look at the advantages and disadvantages of the limited life approach, both for the community of grantees and for family members themselves. Even if your family is not currently considering the limited life option, the strategic approaches taken by the boards of these foundations to achieve their goals will offer many valuable lessons and insights.
A Philanthropy New York Collaborative Program with the National Center for Family Philanthropy.



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