-- POSTPONED -- Public Service Excellence and Diversity: A Leadership Opportunity

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 -
2:45pm to 5:00pm EDT
Philanthropy New York, 79 Fifth Ave., 4th floor, NYC
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The United States population is now comprised of 34% people of color, and by 2042 our nation will be over 50% people of color. We are truly the most diverse nation in the world, and founded on the principles of equality and inclusion. But today’s social conditions in our nation reflect persistent racial and ethnic disparities and inequities in unemployment, health and education.
Public service leadership at the top levels of government, non profits and philanthropy is now comprised of 16-18% people of color, only half of their representation in the population. The public service workforce, by contrast, reflects the current population of people of color. Greater diversity at the top levels of public service, at a time when retirement demographics present an opportunity, will enable greater ability and appeal to people of color in solving social policy dilemmas. The participation of people of color and the infusion of diverse voices and experiences into decision- making processes are necessary to ensure the culture competency and understanding required to confront and solve persistent social challenges.
The Public Service Leadership Diversity Initiative, catalyzed and convened by National Urban Fellows, is a collaborative network of over 125 national and regional organizations working to promote Inclusive Leadership as a model, a diverse talent pipeline and representation of top Public Service leadership. Their Theory of Change is that we can more effectively address and solve our nation’s most pressing social issues if we change the representation of public service leadership and create a new paradigm of inclusive leadership practice. 


  • Inclusive Leadership research and guidelines for Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in Public Service Leadership.
  • Current Public Service Leadership Diversity representation and findings in the recently published Diversity Counts report. 
  • Opportunities, barriers and the imperative to advance people of color in the Public Service Leadership Talent Pipeline.
  • Personal calls for action and application of Diversity and Inclusion best practices.
A Philanthropy New York Members Briefing sponsored by American Express Foundation, Rudin Foundation, and the Sister Fund.



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