Peace, Conflict, and the Scale of the Climate Risk Landscape - Webinar

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 -
1:15pm to 2:45pm EDT
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The opening webinar to the Global Climate Security series will examine the security implications of climate risk to provide a context for the subsequent place-based and sector-based webinars to follow. This webinar will address climate risk and security on all fronts, including from the risk perspective (impacts on governance, economic vitality, national, regional and international security) as well as from a solutions perspective (risk management, policy, and technical). 
Climate risk will disrupt a large number of systems, including at the sub-national, national, regional and international levels. Join us for this session, which will give an overview of the different ways in which climate risk will disrupt these systems, and the manner in which the field analyzes these issues. In addition, this webinar will give audiences a chance to orient themselves with the various tools and issues associated with climate security, and how a convergence of advances in geo intelligence and climate risk awareness can lead to improved analytical tools necessary for making sound policy and business decisions. 
Participants will hear from experts from the national intelligence and climate impact community who will address the scale of the risks. The opening webinar will be the set up for the rest of the webinars, which address how to respond in four areas (subnational, industry, defense and global policy) based on risk assessment and responses commensurate with the risk. The intent is to examine steps to bridge the risk – policy analysis gap. 

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