Getting Better at Getting Better: Using Data to Improve Student Social-Emotional Learning

Thursday, January 15, 2015 -
8:00am to 11:00am EST
Philanthropy New York, 4th Floor, 79 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY
Members of PNY & Partner Orgs: 
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This session will focus on the use of data and measurement tools to help young people set goals for themselves and build social-emotional competencies (SEL) essential for academic and life success. Leaders in philanthropy, education, and youth services will discuss their work in enabling youth workers and other educators to develop and utilize measurement tools to support SEL learning and improve practice. A variety of providers participating in the Student Success Network, including youth development organizations and schools, will discuss the challenges and opportunities in their individual and collective efforts to define and measure SEL, and how they are supporting and learning from one another. 

  • Key findings of the Network thus far
  • Issues of scale and sustainability
  • The role of philanthropy in building this field


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