Foundation and Nonprofit Websites as Genuine News Outlets

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 -
12:00pm to 2:00pm EDT
Ford Foundation, 320 East 43rd Street, NYC
Ford Foundation, 320 East 43rd Street, NYC
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More and more foundations and nonprofits are producing news-worthy content and working aggressively to get their media viewed by general audiences, as well as leaders in government, business, nonprofits and think tanks. At one end of a continuum there are very advanced and sophisticated entities that are nonprofit news syndicates with lots of support from foundations – such as Kaiser Health News and ProPublica – that not only produce high-quality journalism, but also have established, formal relationships with traditional media to distribute their news. At the other end of the continuum are the vast number of foundations and nonprofits that are producing research, multimedia and other informative pieces and placing them on their websites and attempting to disseminate those “stories” through RSS feeds, newsletters, social media and press releases to traditional media. 
At various other points along the continuum are foundation supported community news operations like The Bay Citizen, The Brooklyn Bureau and Chicago News Cooperative; non-mainstream news producers like The Progressive Media Project, New American Media and the Center for Investigative Reporting; and NGOs and foundations producing and disseminating vast amounts of content on their specific issue areas like Human Rights Watch, Commonwealth Fund, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Marguerite Casey Foundation’s “Equal Voice.” 


  • What it really takes to be effective no matter what kind of "news producer" your organization chooses to be.
  • The economics of local media and the reason for the explosion of efforts on the nonprofit side. 
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