Foundation Administrators Network Meeting: Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

Wednesday, December 7, 2011 -
2:00pm to 4:30pm EST
Altman Foundation, 521 Fifth Ave., 35th Fl., NYC
Altman Foundation, 521 Fifth Ave., 35th Fl., NYC
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At the next Foundation Administrators Network meeting, Héctor Cariño (Recruiter, People Architects Group) will lead a discussion on recruitment and talent acquisition.  How do you find the best candidate pool, narrow the field of candidates, and then make a decision?  We will cover the following discussion topics:
  • Start sourcing from within (the role of the hiring manager/team and referrals in the recruitment process)
  • Where and how do you source for different positions?  Targeting US-based and International candidates - how does it affect your process?
  • How has social media tools changed the recruitment process?  
  • Cost-effective sourcing – what is worth spending money on?
  • How can you best utilize networks for sourcing candidates and off-the-record references?
  • How do you narrow the field of potential candidates?
  • The interviews (telephone, Skype, video conference, in-person)
  • What alternative options should you consider when filling positions (i.e. temps, consultant)?
  • Reference and background checks – do you conduct them for certain positions? Who do you hire to conduct them? What do you do with the information you collect? What constitutes a viable reason to eliminate a candidate?
We will also break out into small groups for peer-to-peer exchange about your foundation’s approach to hiring.  Who’s involved in the process? What’s working? What isn’t working? Are you trying alternative methods to the traditional interview (i.e., projects)?
Presented by the Foundation Administrators Network, a Philanthropy New York Peer Network.

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Members who have responsibility for foundation administration, including human resources, finance, and operations.


  • Héctor Cariño, Recruiter, People Architects Group
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