Foundation Administrators Network Meeting: Encouraging and Improving Staff Learning and Development at our Foundations

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 -
8:45am to 10:30am EDT
Henry Luce Foundation, 51 Madison Ave., 30th Fl., NYC
Henry Luce Foundation, 51 Madison Ave., 30th Fl., NYC
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Join us at the next Foundation Administrators Network meeting for a peer-to-peer discussion on staff learning and development.
According to the 2020 Workplace, 70% of staff learning happens on the job while performing work and learning via experience, 20% happens through feedback from peers and mentors, and 10% occurs in “formal training” -- the kind of staff development most of us talk about, when we bring in an outside facilitator and have staff sit in a room for a day or two to learn a new skill. 


  • How do staff at your foundation learn? 
  • What formal mechanisms have you put into place to address the training needs of your staff? 
  • How much is “centralized” (e.g., arranged by HR or someone else on staff), and how much is decentralized to managers? 
  • Are there opportunities to work together to offer trainings staff from several foundations could benefit? 
  • Have you put in place a staff mentoring program to help improve on-the-job training?  If so, would you be willing to share the experiences with us? 
  • How can we all strive to be better mentors to those we work with?
Bring your best ideas to the FAN meeting where we can share lessons and experiences in helping staff develop their skills and strengthen their careers.
Presented by the Foundation Administrators Network, a Philanthropy New York Peer Network.

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Members who have responsibility for foundation administration, including human resources, finance, and operations.
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