Flexing Your Shareholder Muscle: How Foundations Can Amplify Impact with Strategic Shareholder Engagement

Thursday, February 1, 2018 -
9:00am to 11:00am EST
Philanthropy New York; 1500 Broadway, 7th Floor, NYC 10036
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Impact investing is a hot topic in philanthropy these days. Foundations of all sizes are taking a careful look at how to mobilize beyond grantmaking’s 5 percent mandatory distribution requirement and aim for greater impact by activating the 95 percent of assets that remain in their endowments. A key strategy for doing so and one that is all too often overlooked by foundations, despite its effectiveness, is shareholder engagement.

In this lively discussion, foundations will share stories of how they’ve approached shareholder engagement, including how they’ve used this impact investing tool to help spark movements on issues they care about. Organizations with technical expertise in shareholder engagement will discuss the U.S. and international context for engaging on corporate accountability, and lend their expertise to help participants understand the nuts and bolts of how to approach this work. Participants will be provided with road maps of how to implement shareholder engagement strategies in their own foundations, including how to work with one’s board and money managers to make shareholder engagement impactful.

If the Financial Choice Act remains “live” in Washington in February, presenters will update program participants on how that Act threatens shareholder rights.

  • The policy context that impacts shareholder engagement, including key players
  • Real stories of how other foundations have approached shareholder engagement
  • Roadmaps for action on shareholder engagement that can work for your foundation


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9:00 - 11:00 AM  Program

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