Education Working Group Lunch: 2013 Reform Review Project

Thursday, July 12, 2012 -
12:00pm to 2:00pm EDT
Philanthropy New York, 79 Fifth Ave., 4th floor, NYC
Philanthropy New York, 79 Fifth Ave., 4th floor, NYC
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Over the last decade, more than 600 foundations have invested more than 2 billion dollars in efforts to reshape New York City’s schools. While some foundations based outside the City have been major donors, New York City-based foundations also have been invested heavily. Mayor Bloomberg’s control of the school system, gained early in his tenure, provided unprecedented stability to the system, enabling the Department of Education to execute diverse and sweeping reforms. In 2013, for the first time since mayoral control of education was established, New Yorkers will elect a new mayor.
The change in mayoral leadership offers uncertainty and also opportunity: notably, the opportunity to take stock of the full breadth of reforms underway and to encourage broad, informed, and civil public discussion of the results. Such a discussion can help to shape the agenda of the system’s new leaders. And, it can help to mitigate the rancor and divisiveness that have characterized recent discussions of education and reform.


  • Which reforms have worked well in NYC over the past 10 years and why.
  • Which reforms failed to meet their promise and why.
  • Strategies to inform the general public, colleagues in philanthropic, and future leaders about potential levers and opportunities to expand successful reforms.
A Philanthropy Connects program presented by The Education Working Group.

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