Corporate Funders Webinar: Strategic Philanthropy, Corporate Giving and Cause-Marketing: How do they all work together?

Friday, March 8, 2013 -
11:00am to 1:00pm EST
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How do you describe your company’s philanthropy? A strategic philanthropic initiative? A corporate giving program? A cause-marketing campaign? Or some combination of all of those terms? If you answered “a combination of those,” welcome to the club! The lines are blurred!
Philanthropy, corporate giving and cause-marketing have intertwined in the work of corporate community involvement programs in creative and dynamic ways for both business and social impact. In this webinar, Denise Yap, Changing Our World, Inc. will define each term to distinguish why they’re different and then describe how all can work symbiotically in a cohesive philanthropic platform to achieve maximum returns. Denise will talk concretely about how to better leverage your many efforts and she will provide the framework necessary for even greater results in the future. 
A Philanthropy New York Collaborative Program with the Grantmakers Forum of New York.
This program is "Partially Open."



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