Black Narratives Research - A Webinar Hosted by FCCP

Tuesday, February 1, 2022 -
3:00pm to 4:00pm EST
Webinar - Register by 1/31
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This work builds on a set of research conducted with New Georgia Project, Power PA, and Detroit Action in 2020 that further developed how narratives focused on Black political power were important for building Black political engagement. In 2021, research continued to explore the importance of the power narrative, as well as other factors that might inform Black political engagement including civic education, political efficacy, threats to Black political power, and political homes.  Research included particular states and has been deployed through national surveys.

 In this session we’ll hear about key findings, as well as how organizations are using the research to inform their organizing programs and ways that it can help strengthen related narrative and messaging efforts.  

What will you learn?

  • Black narratives research findings connected to political power
  • Attitudes towards civic engagement and politics, and related messaging

Who should attend?

All interested funders. What to expect: discussion followed by Q&A.


How do I sign up?

3 PM - 4 PM Program

Registration is required by January 31st.

Members and Non-Member Funders: Please click on the "Register Now" link above. Webinar information will be emailed to you before the webinar. 

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