COO Roundtable

The PNY COO Roundtable was formed at an informal meeting in 2014 where a group of organizational leaders from some of Philanthropy New York’s largest member foundations asked to create a formal peer network under PNY’s auspices. The group offers these peers an opportunity to grapple with key organizational issues and strategic decisions and share policies and practices in an effort to support each other’s work. 

Join the Network

The group is open to current PNY members whose roles meet the following qualifications:

  • Senior leadership at a large foundation (endowment over $250 million and 20+ employees)
  • Reports directly to the President or CEO of the Foundation
  • Responsible for the operations and administration (facility, IT, finances, HR), and in most cases also oversee aspects of program/evaluation/grants management/communications.  Most members of the group manage some of the assets of the foundation or oversee outsourced chief investments officers.  
  • Members of this group are responsible for organizational culture and strategy.  They set broad policies and practices across their institutions.


To request more information about joining the group, email Kathryn O'Neal-Dunham, CEO, (