We Dream a World: The 2025 Vision for Black Men and Boys

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This report examines the 2025 Campaign for Black Men and Boys and sets forth a strategy to raise awareness, create local impact and advance better policies to achieve its goals. The 2025 Campaign for Black Men and Boys is a national effort of several organizations and individuals to collaboratively develop and implement an initiative for the educational, social, emotional, physical, spiritual, political and economic development and empowerment of black men and boys in the United States.
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Working with Government: Guidance for Grantmakers

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Foundation-government collaborations seem to be on the rise as each sector looks to pool resources with new partners. How can grantmakers take advantage of the benefits while managing the risks of working on terrain that can be unfamiliar to all parties? GrantCraft's latest guide includes case studies, suggestions for finding changemakers in government and advice on navigating roles and power dynamics. Government partners chime in with ideas for keeping things running smoothly.

Energy Democracy: Community Scale Green Energy Solutions

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This report argues that addressing the question of race is key to building a stronger and "greener" American economy and concludes that community-owned or controlled renewable energy and small-scale electricity production strengthens communities of color and provides benefits to the nation at large. Energy Democracy outlines key inequities and solutions in U.S. energy policy, identifies policy areas that must be addressed to encourage innovation in local energy production, and provides a blueprint to explore a better way to secure energy needs while building equity and wealth community by...

Yes We Can: The 2010 Schott 50 State Report on Black Males in Public Education

This website from The Schott Foundation for Public Education is a data portal that provides parents, educators, media, policymakers and elected officials with direct access to important data on the reality of education for Black males across all 50 states. It includes links to the Foundation's national research summary as well as an interactive map with state-by-state statistics and individual state report cards.


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