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Grantees' Limited Engagement with Foundations' Social Media

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While the majority of foundations use social media tools in their work, very few grantees are accessing or using their funders' social media. Grantees that do use foundations’ social media find those resources less helpful than other communications resources for learning about the foundation, and few grantees report using social media to interact with their funders.

Foundation Communications Today: Findings from the Communications Network 2011 Survey of Foundation Communications Professionals

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This survey of 155 foundation communicators shows that U.S. foundations are making use of all forms of digital communications, especially social media, a top priority. The survey results suggest the growth of social media and other emerging digital technologies is changing the way foundations communicate with target audiences and that the role of communications is becoming more central to forging and implementing foundation strategies.

How Foundations Use Communications to Advance Their Public Policy Work

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This study examines how foundations that wish to engage in public policy are using communications to expand the reach and impact of their work. It reveals that communications is at the very center of successful policy engagement for the foundations interviewed, which make use of ten distinctly different strategies to boost their policy engagement. Among the foundations included in the study are The Atlantic Philanthropies, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Ford Foundation, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

These Days Everyone Can Be A Communicator…But Is That Enough?

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Bruce Trachtenberg, Executive Director of The Communications Network, and Philanthropy New York's new Vice President of Communications & Public Policy, Michael Hamill Remaley, discuss the changing responsibilities of foundation communicators as...
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