Program Director for Grant Development

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Zegar Family Foundation
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New York, NY

Program Director for Grant Development

The Zegar Family Foundation (the “Foundation”), a New York City-based national family foundation, founded in 2007, whose mission is to give back by improving the lives of others and enhancing the communities around us, seeks an eager, experienced professional to support its office in Upper West Side Manhattan in the role of Program Director for Grant Development.  With an annual grant-making budget in excess of several million, the Foundation is currently primarily focused in the areas of Environmental Conservation and Justice and Human Rights in addition to the other grant-making areas listed below (the “Program Areas”):  

  1. Environmental – Working to preserve our natural resources and sustain our world environment to combat the impact of harmful environmental change.
  2. Justice and Human Rights – Assisting in seeking justice and protection of rights for people in our country to whom justice or any kind of human rights are denied, through support of activism, litigation and advocacy for change.
  3. Science and Medicine – Advancing scientific and medical knowledge through innovative research, especially basic research often neglected by governmental and other funding.
  4. Human Services and Economic Opportunity – Helping disadvantaged people help themselves through opportunities for economic growth and/or personal development.
  5. Arts, Culture, and Heritage – Contributing to societal enrichment through the arts, historical education, preservation of our national and global heritage and other cultural programs.
  6. Education – Supporting educational opportunities, primarily in higher education, and facilitating college access and success for disadvantaged students who desire to attend them.
  7. Nutrition and Health – Empowering people in underserved communities to improve nutrition and health through education programs encouraging healthier food choices, increased access to fresh foods and additional options for achieving better health through enhanced medical and other programs bolstering health in these communities.
  8. International – Supporting compelling causes for economic relief and development, medical assistance, and human rights for needy people throughout the world.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Management of all Program Areas and all grant development staff with direct supervising responsibility for the development and vetting of all grants for purposes of funding, including conducting and overseeing the preparation of an in-depth analysis of each grant proposal (“Proposal Analysis”) worthy of consideration by the Foundation’s Trustees.  Each Proposal Analysis shall include but not be limited to:
    • How the proposed grant fits into the Foundation’s mission and strategy in the respective Program Areas and why the Foundation should undertake it?
    • Financial examination of the proposed grantee organization and whether it is financially sound?
    • How the structure of the proposal makes sense to achieve impact?
    • What is the budget and whether it is reasonable to achieve the goals contemplated, as well as how will it be successfully funded?
    • What is that impact and how will it be measured?  Are the targets contemplated reasonable over time?
  2. Identify, research, and pursue new models and prospective grantees for the Foundation’s strategies in each Program Area and collaborate with grantees to develop innovative ideas into grants.
  3. Direct or conduct due diligence including:  
  • Investigation of fiscals;  
  • Analysis of metrics rationale; and
  • Communicating the Foundation’s expectations, policies, and practices to proposal candidates and assisting them with the grant application, as needed.
  1. Communicate with the Foundation’s Trustees through the Proposal Analysis and other written overviews, grant renewal reports, and oral presentations at meetings.
  2. Provide information on general direction and trends in the Foundation’s Program Areas and the non-profit sector in general.
  3. Manage relationships with grantees by:
  • Monitoring performance of existing grantees through analysis of outcome data, grantee reports, and site visits;
  • Developing recommendations for renewal funding based on thorough analysis of performance and the societal return on the Foundation’s investment; and
  • Taking steps to ensure continued alignment of the prospective renewal grants with the Foundation’s mission and approach to grant-making.
  1. Lead and manage a team of grant development officers overseeing research, site visits, grant development and assist them in preparing a complete and thorough Proposal Analysis with grant recommendations for the Foundation’s Trustees.
  2. Work in partnership with the Foundation’s Program Director and Counsel for Grantee Relations regarding any other functions to help lead the organization as a whole and perform administrative duties as necessary so that internal data systems are accurately updated. 

The Program Director for Grant Development will report to the Foundation’s Executive Director.


  1. Extensive experience in the field of grant-making and in managing a team of seasoned, professional staff at non-profit organizations, including an in-depth understanding of non-profit operations, management and performance, along with a basic understanding of not-for-profit accounting.
  2. Minimum of ten (10) years of relevant, full-time working experience. Senior operational responsibility in a non-profit required.
  3. Bachelor’s degree required.  Advanced degree preferred.
  4. Strong research, analytical, writing, and oral presentation skills.
  5. Commitment to the Foundation’s model of engaged grant-making.
  6. A good team player who embraces challenge and has a willingness to “roll up their sleeves”. 
  7. Sense of humor and skillful listener. Ability to “ask the next question” to obtain the most thorough and complete analysis.

Salary and Benefits
Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience. The Foundation has excellent benefits and encourages strong work-life balance.

The Foundation’s work environment is team-oriented, friendly, and one in which diversity is valued.
The Foundation is an equal opportunity employer.  Applicants from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply: 
Please apply by sending a cover letter and resume to and include "2019 Program Director for Grant Development" in the subject line.
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