Principal (Senior Leader)

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Arbor Brothers
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New York, NY

Be part of the solution.

It is a messy and complex world out there, especially these days.  But there is one aspect of our collective circumstances that has become increasingly clear of late:  the most vulnerable among us lack viable pathways to economic stability. 

At Arbor Brothers, we believe in creating a level playing field on which a young person’s future is determined by her zeal, not her zip code.

If you believe passionately that everyone deserves access to real opportunity and you want the next stop in your career to be focused on making that a reality, keep reading.  We’ve got a model that works and a place for you in it.

About Arbor Brothers

Arbor Brothers is on a mission to empower our low-income neighbors to secure a path out of poverty.  We do this by providing crucial supports at critical moments to the New York metropolitan area’s highest-potential nonprofits.  This support helps these organizations grow into more powerful and sustainable forces for social change.

We take an engaged approach to philanthropy, providing both financial support and in-depth consulting to nonprofit leaders whose organizations have moved off the drawing board and onto the growth curve.  To maximize the impact of our giving, we deploy our diverse and talented team to:

  • Screen and select high-potential nonprofit organizations from hundreds of applicants, with rigorous vetting through management meetings and site visits.
  • Fund operations with significant grants of unrestricted capital, targeting $300,000 of support over three years.
  • Engage in deep partnership, rolling up our sleeves and working with grantees to help solve their most pressing problems and build internal capacity.  We annually invest hundreds of hours of our time in each grantee to co-create the systems, team and culture necessary for impact and growth.  This includes building strategic plans, financial forecasts, performance management systems and more. 

Our grantees are social impact rocket ships: over the course of our engagement they more than triple the number of young people they serve while winning awards and attracting preeminent funders along the way.  Grantee partners have included leading nonprofits like All Our Kin, GirlTrek and Springboard Collaborative.  Our current portfolio extends this investment in the youth and workforce of the NY-NJ-CT community.

Arbor Brothers was founded in 2010 by Sammy Politziner and Scott Thomas, two former teachers with a decade of previous experience in nonprofits and finance. 

Arbor Brothers Principal Job Description

Position Overview

As Arbor Brothers’ budget and portfolio expand, we are seeking a seasoned nonprofit executive to help deliver on our mission to sustain and grow great nonprofits.  As Principal (in the “senior colleague” as opposed to “school leader” sense), you will work with the AB team across all aspects of the organization, helping shape Arbor Brothers with us over the long-term.  Your role will entail three main areas of responsibility:

Consulting support (65%)

As we are a very lean team, this role involves a mix of direct engagement with grantees, project deliverable creation and systems-building.  Also, since a significant portion of this role will involve working with larger/older/alumni grantee organizations and this is an emerging practice area for AB, this hire will be responsible for substantial development and codification of best practices in supporting those nonprofits.

In a leadership capacity, you will…

  • Engage with 3-5 grantees per year on significant capacity-building projects.  This core work will largely focus on larger 2nd stage grantees and alumni organizations.  Your role will generally include:
    • Structuring and leading grantee meetings (in some cases managing follow-ups)
    • Designing, refining and in some cases helping build relevant tools or templates
    • Partnering with or managing AB team members to deliver on project goals
  • Engage with grantees across content areas including but not limited to:
    • Stakeholder management (staff & board)
    • Talent (org chart design, recruitment, onboarding, promotion, remediation, succession)
    • Leadership development
    • Fundraising (goal-setting, strategy crafting, systems design, communications process optimization)
    • Other typical AB projects such as theory of change, financial planning & data
  • Engage with grantees across modes including but not limited to:
    • Traditional AB consulting team (partnering with fellow AB staff member)
    • Coaching (1:1 with leaders and/or rising talent); could include “shadowing”
    • Emerging AB practice areas such as grantee board service, talent search lead & cohort facilitator
  • Engage with emerging entrepreneurs as a part of AB’s Leaders of Color (LOC) initiative. These efforts will likely include:
    • Responsibility for LOC budget recommendations and allocation
    • Leading ongoing selection of LOC participants
    • Refining and developing efforts to advance leaders of color both in the AB portfolio and across the sector

Grantee selection (15%)

As part of our team, help…

  • Identify new potential grantees
  • Evaluate grant applications, interview management and help make recommendations to the Board (though this is a non-voting role)

AB Internal (20%)

As part of our team, help with…

  • Strategy: identifying novel opportunities for supporting grantees and developing pilot projects to explore AB’s potential for additional effective engagement
  • Codification: craft and help refine best-in-class roadmaps and exemplar tools for helping grantees navigate organizational challenges
  • Fundraising:
    • Identify and cultivate potential AB funding sources
    • Prepare for and attend pitch meetings with current and potential Arbor Brothers donors
  • Operations
    • Help set and pursue Arbor Brothers annual goals
    • Participate in AB hiring

Who You Are

We believe these traits are essential to achieving success in our efforts:

  • “Mission-first, ego-last” mindset regarding social change.  We have an intentionally lean team with no purely administrative support, so we all pitch in on everything to get things done. 
  • Extraordinary dependability in meeting high work-quality standards.  AB’s team is detail-oriented and obsessed with follow-through.  The strongest candidates will be seen by colleagues as extremely well-prepared and conscientious.
  • High-energy, constant-learning approach to attacking challenges.  The quest for continuous improvement sometimes provokes challenging conversations, but these are welcome at AB.
  • Enjoyment in applying structured (and quantitative, where appropriate) approaches to solving problems.  Helping grantees arrive at good answers is helpful; having a framework to help grantees consistently arrive at good answers is even better.
  • Diverse in experience and perspective, with a willingness to push the team in new ways
  • Joyful!  Our work is hard but if we’re doing it right, it can be both thoroughly satisfying and sustainable.  We see our efforts as a marathon, and we believe humor and work-life balance are essential ingredients in our long-term sustainability.


To be eligible for consideration, you must have:

  • Been a C-level leader at a nonprofit with an annual budget of $3 – $15+ million.  Former EDs/CEOs are ideal, though COOs and CPOs with management experience may be good fits as well.
  • Managed a team of 25+
  • Led your organization / division / team to consistently achieve ambitious goals
  • Meaningful experience living, working or volunteering in low-income communities

You will likely have:

  • A demonstrated ability to influence without direct authority (i.e. changing mindsets or behaviors for folks who don’t report to you)
  • An interest in the refining the pedagogical skills necessary to consult effectively
  • Clear and polished written and verbal communication skills
  • A knack for systems-thinking and problem-solving
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