Fund for 2025 Testimonials

Jane O’Connell, Altman Foundation/Co-Chair, Fund for 2025
“I was the Co-Chair of NYRAG’s fundraising campaign a decade ago when this organization moved to its current location. The great progress Philanthropy New York has made over the past ten years in support of the NYC  foundation community  is the reason I volunteered to co-chair the new Fund for 2025 campaign. When I took on this new responsibility, I wholeheartedly advocated for Altman Fou ndation to give $100,000 to the Fund for 2025. I hope my foundation colleagues will join me in supporting the next ten years of growth for this essential infrastructure organization.”
Phillip Henderson, Surdna Foundation/Co-Chair, Fund for 2025
“Collaboration is a critical element of the Surdna Foundation’s work.  Neither we nor any grantmaker can hope to have real impact without creating partnerships.  Philanthropy New York understands the importance of collaboration and plays a special role bringing prospective partners together.  As the field of organized philanthropy continues to grow, we must ensure that PNY is well-equipped to continue as a convener and a leader in the field.”
Leisle Lin, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation/PNY Board Chair
 "I have served on PNY’s board for half of the last decade and I am proud to have been associated with the organization’s expanding vision and increased capacity. The Fund for 2025 grew organically out of our strategic planning process last year. It became clear that to take the organization where our members want us to go, we need to fully fund that vision, and that’s why it’s so important to have the support of our members and friends.”
Darren Walker, Ford Foundation
“The Ford Foundation is committed to working in collaboration with partners across sectors in the pursuit of social justice and Philanthropy New York provides critical infrastructure to do the essential work of convening and learning. We believe that a contribution to PNY’s Fund for 2025 is an investment that will strengthen the philanthropic community and have far-reaching impact in New York City and beyond in the next decade.” 
Edward Henry, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
“The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation works locally, nationally and internationally and I find our association of regional grantmakers exceptionally valuable. I have learned and shared a great deal with my colleagues with PNY’s CEO Roundtable. The collaboration and networking that PNY fosters has implications far beyond New York City. Supporting the Fund for 2025 is an important way of contributing to the overall strength of the philanthropic sector.” 
Pam Flaherty, Citi Foundation
“As a corporate foundation engaged in creative community problem solving, we know that when we combine our grant resources with knowledge building objectives and impact measurement tools, we can multiply our reach and deepen our results. Partners like PNY enable us to work collaboratively, learn from one another, and have an honest dialogue that is critical to our success and the diverse philanthropic sector as a whole. The Citi Foundation has been a long standing member of PNY, and we are pleased to support their efforts to further enable progress for their members over the next decade."
Anisa Kamadoli Costa, Tiffany & Co. Foundation
 “As a PNY board member, I was involved in the development of its 2014-2016 Strategic Plan and I was impressed by both the vision and scope of the plan. It was clear then that achieving that ambitious plan would require additional resources. I hope that all members of Philanthropy New York will join Tiffany & Co. Foundation in committing to a strong future for this essential organization.”
Lorie Slutsky, New York Community Trust
“We take the “community” part of our name seriously -- and community includes not only the nonprofits that work for a stronger, fairer, greener, and more prosperous NYC, but the individual donors and philanthropic institutions that support them. We're pleased to be part of this expansion of Philanthropy New York’s programming, public policy work, and investment in technology and space.”
Kyung Yoon, Korean American Community Foundation
“Korean American Community Foundation is a relatively new, small organization, so every dollar we raise and distribute is precious. Contributing to the Fund for 2025 is an important way for foundations of all shapes and sizes to join together and increase our effectiveness.  What PNY will achieve in the coming years will greatly benefit the entire sector and provide great returns for all of us.” 
Mark Bodden, May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation 
"Working for a family foundation whose interests are broad but concentrated in New York City, I have found Philanthropy New York’s increasing convening power to be impressive. Whether on Hurricane Sandy recovery, education reform or any number of other pressing issues, Philanthropy New York has really stepped up in recent years. When PNY moves to a new space with better conference facilities and improved technology, it will be even better positioned to lead the philanthropic community in the coming decade.” 
Vic De Luca, Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation
“I served many years on Philanthropy New York’s board of directors and had the honor of serving as Co-Chair of the 2005 campaign. As a ‘veteran’ long-time believer in PNY’s mission, I recognize that our regional association is at a crossroads similar to its position ten years ago.  Then, it took a great leap forward when it raised funds to invest in expanded meeting space. Now, with an even fuller vision that includes expanded programming and a public policy fellows program, PNY is in the position to make even greater strides.  I hope that my colleagues who have seen this great potential over the years will join me in providing support to make it happen.” 
Kevin Jennings, Arcus Foundation
“Our perspective at Arcus Foundation, a relatively young foundation, is that we don’t want to reinvent the wheel or miss opportunities to work with other funders with similar objectives. Philanthropy New York presents countless opportunities for funders to network and learn from each other in both structured and informal situations. The diverse programming and events PNY produces are valuable to every type of professional we have in our organization. Arcus Foundation is definitely thinking long-term in its funding strategies and I love that the Fund for 2025 is also thinking about the long-term strength of the philanthropic sector.” 
Rick Smith, Pinkerton Foundation
“The Pinkerton Foundation makes grants to programs that directly improve the lives of young people in poor neighborhoods in New York City. That’s why we are so pleased to support the Public Policy Fellows Program made possible by the Fund for 2025. The Fellows Program will identify young scholars from disadvantaged backgrounds and give them a start in philanthropy. In addition to their important policy work, the Fellows in turn will mentor high school students and introduce them to the field. It’s just the kind of double-barreled impact we like.”
Cynthia Rivera Weissblum, Edwin Gould Foundation
“As the operator of The Edwin Gould Accelerator, which provides collaborative workspace for nonprofits to advance ideas and solutions addressing the college achievement gap, and as the head of a foundation dedicated to addressing issues of equity and inclusion, we see so much in the Fund for 2025 that is worthy of support. We’re not a large foundation that can make huge grants, but we do believe in ‘demonstrating locally,’ and we feel PNY’s emphasis on full inclusion and collaboration represents ideas that the entire sector should support.”