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Website FAQs

Who may log in to Philanthropy New York’s website?
Individuals who work for foundations or corporate giving programs that have active memberships with Philanthropy New York may log in to our website to access member privileges. Each individual at an organization has a unique username and password. Please do not share your login information with others.

How do I know if I am a member?
If you are on staff or on the board of a foundation or corporate giving program that is a member, you are eligible to receive member privileges. You may search the Member Directory to see if your organization is currently a member.

How can I get my login information?
Individuals affiliated with member organizations may retrieve their unique usernames and passwords by clicking on the “First Time Users / Login Help” link under Member Login.

What should I do if my organization is a member but I can’t retrieve my login information?
If you are affiliated with a member organization, but receive an error message when you try to retrieve your login information by entering your email address on the Login Help page (“Sorry, there was no record found for email address”), you need to be added to Philanthropy New York’s membership database.  You may either email with your full contact information, or your organization can update their entire staff list with us by using the Org and Staff Update feature (see next FAQ).

How can my organization update its staff list and grantmaking information with Philanthropy New York?
Contact us at or 212-714-0699 to update staff and organizational information.

I can log in so why can’t I access any member pages?
Our database includes individuals at member organizations as well as individuals from non-member organizations.  Any individual in our database may retrieve a username and password and log in, however, if you are not affiliated with a member organization in our database, you will not be able to access any member pages.  Please follow “non-member” instructions for program registration.

How do I update my information with Philanthropy New York (e.g. changing organizations)?
Contact us at or 212-714-0699 to update your personal information.

How can I change my password?
Log in with your current username and password. (If you don’t remember it, click on “First Time Users / Login Help” to retrieve your login information.).  Once you have logged in, click on the “Change Your Password” link under the Logout button.

Can I change my username?
No – with the exception of name changes.  If you have changed either your first name or your last name, please update your information to alert us of your name change (log in and click on Update Profile). We review changes once a week and will follow-up with you via email about changing your username.

How do I change my mailing list preferences?
Members may log in with your unique username and password and click on “Update Profile” (directly under Logout button). Scroll down to the Mailing Lists section and check the boxes next to the mailings you would like to receive.  Click Submit, verify your changes, and click Submit again to finalize the edits.

Whom should I contact with questions or for technical assistance?
If you run into any technical problems or have questions, please don't hesitate to email